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Why Majorca Pearls

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JOIA De Majorca

Our collection offers impeccable quality and superior value. Through light, our organic, man-made pearls reveal a divine inner glow and unmatched luster and iridescence. The varying colors of white, grey, dove grey, bronze, aubergine and peacock green, the rarest of them all, are harmoniously radiant. The result is a collection which bears witness to the subtlety of fine design and the timeless seductive lure of JOIA De Majorca man-made pearls.

The Legend

Pearls are one of the oldest gemstones. The passion for pearls and the quest to satisfy it have never been diminished over the centuries. They have been treasured, coveted and adored. Today, JOIA De Majorca makes beautiful jewelry and organic man-made pearls available to everyone.