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20" Organic Man-Made Pearl CZ Y-Neck - White 14mm

sku # 70375S

For the ultimate glamorous look, try our 2-way, 14mm organic man-made pearl and cz rondelle necklace. Wear the beautiful platinum-plated sterling silver & cz encrusted clasp as a Y-neck in front, or as a regular clasp in back. This piece is full of luster and sparkle. We recommend complementing it with the 12mm Classic White Stud Earring.



18" White Pearl Strand with Platinum Plated Clasp

sku # 1NW-E18S

JOIA De Majorca's classic organic man-made white pearl strand necklaces are finished with a tarnish free platinum plated clasp. Make it a set with a classic White Stud Earring!

$175.00 - $325.00


20" White Pearl Strand with Platinum Plated Clasp - 12mm

sku # 1NW12E20S

Pictured with 12MM pearls, this 20" Majorca pearl necklace is a stunning addition to any wardrobe. It's bold and beautiful and will make a classic statement with your favorite black dress! Or, dress up your favorite blouse and jeans! We suggest making it a set! Check out the JOIA De Majorca matching 12MM Stud Earrings!



24" White Pearl Necklace with Platinum Plated Clasp - 8mm

sku # 1NW8E24S

Classic all the way. 24 inches of beautiful organic man-made 8mm white pearls. Finished with a platinum plated closure, this quality piece will stand the test of time. Keep it simple with our 8mm White Stud Earrings.



45" Multi-Color South Sea Pearl Necklace Strand - 8mm

sku # 70515

This 45" South Sea multi color strand includes 8mm organic man-made pearls in, white, grey, black, champagne and oro. Double it up for a layered effect or wear it long with a white blouse and jeans for a chic contemporary look! Pictured with our 8mm White Stud Earring - sold separately.



18" Grey Pearl Necklace with Platinum Plated Clasp

sku # 1NG-E18S

Get the look of real with JOIA de Majorca fine organic man made pearl necklaces. Wear with our grey CZ Pierced Clip Earrings to add a little bling to your outfit!

$195.00 - $275.00


10mm Pearl Necklace with Platinum Plated Clasp - Midnight Blue

sku # 1NMB10E18S

This 10mm organic man-made pearl necklace in midnight blue is unique in color and luster and is finished with a platinum plated clasp. Pair this up with the Midnight Blue Drop Earring!



18" Black Pearl Necklace with Platinum Plated Clasp

sku # 1NB-E18S

JOIA De Majorca's black pearl strands resemble a true Tahitian pearl. Within the black pearl you will see beautiful shades of green and purple taking on a peacock effect. Available in sizes 10mm - 16mm with a platinum plated euro clasp. Looking for an earring to match? Check out our classic Black Pearl Stud Earring!

$195.00 - $395.00


18" Pink Pearl Necklace with Platinum Plated Clasp

sku # 1NP-E18S

Find affordable luxury with JOIA De Majorca man made organic pink pearl necklaces. Accented with a platinum plated clasp, combine with our Pink Pearl and CZ Stud to create the perfect set.

$175.00 - $325.00


18" Signature Multi Hues Necklace with Platinum Plated Clasp

sku # 1NM-E18S

Wear this tantalizing number one color combination with a variety of JOIA De Majorca organic man-made pearl pieces. 10mm pearls are a standard size and this piece is finished off with a platinum plated euro clasp. Wear this masterpiece with our Signature Multi Hues Bracelet!

$195.00 - $275.00


18" 10mm Necklace with Platinum Plated Clasp - Brown Hues

sku # 70295S

This organic man-made pearl necklace is perfect for casual wear. Offered in different styles and shapes, our brown hue Majorcan pearl series will easily complement a white blouse and your favorite jeans. Our CZ Studs ice the cake!



18" 10mm Pearl Necklace with Platinum Plated Clasp - Midnight Blue Multi Hues

sku # 70352S

This midnight blue multi hues necklace offers a casual look to an otherwise formal pearl necklace. The 10mm organic man-made pearls are from Majorca Spain, and the clasp is platinum plated for a tarnish-free finish. This necklace looks great with our Midnight Blue Drop Earrings.