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Black Disc Shape Pearl Bracelet with Platinum Plated Clasp

sku # BraceBSDisc

Disc shape organic man-made pearl bracelets with platinum plated euro clasp. Measures 8.5" and makes a bold statement! Wear this with the coordinating Signature Multi Disc Necklace also found in our Last Call section!

$62.50 - $75.00


Grey Disc Shape Pearl Bracelet with Platinum Plated Euro Clasp

sku # BracDiscGS

Beautiful silvery grey disc shaped organic man-made pearls from Majorca Spain. Available in 2 sizes. Wear one of these beautiful pearl bracelets with your favorite black dress! Make it a set with our Grey Disc Shape Pearl Necklace!

$62.50 - $75.00


Signature Multi Hues Disc Shape Pearl Bracelet with Platinum Plated Euro Clasp

sku # BraceMultiSigDiscS

JOIA De Majorca's Signature Multi Hues disc shaped pearl bracelet is available in two sizes and is finished with a platinum plated euro clasp. Create a beautiful set with the Signature Multi Hues Pearl Necklace!

$62.50 - $75.00


Tahitian Multi Hues Disc Shape Pearl Bracelet with Platinum Plated Clasp - 14x20MM, 9"

sku # 60051S

AMAZING lustrous giant Tahitian multi hues disc shaped pearls make up this statement bracelet! While this bracelet measures 9", due to the size of the pearls, it fits like a standard 7.5" bracelet. We love this color combo with jeans and a blouse! Make it a set with our beautiful Slate Blue Pearl Stud Earrings!

$150.00 $75.00


Dark Multi Hues Disc Shape Pearl Bracelet with Platinum Plated Euro Clasp - 14x20MM 8.5"

sku # 60045S

Giant disc shaped organic man-made pearls in a rich grey, slate blue and black multi color combination. We love this multi with jeans and a white blouse!

$150.00 $75.00


Pastel Multi Hues Pear Shaped Pearl Bracelet - 10x12mm 7.5"

sku # 60009S

Pastel Multi Hues! A darling pear shaped pearl bracelet measuring 7.5". Makes a great gift and looks very cute with jeans and a sweater!

$135.00 $67.50


Pastel Multi Hues Pear Shape Pearl Bracelet with Platinum Plated Euro Clasp - 10x12mm 7.5"

sku # 60010S

Unique pear shaped pastel pearls from Majorca, Spain make up this lovely organic man-made baroque pearl bracelet. From the sky to the sea, this beautiful combination of colors mimics that of your favorite beach.  

$135.00 $67.50


Pastel Multi Hues Bracelet with Platinum Plated Euro Clasp - 10mm 8"

sku # 60007S

Soft and pretty, this Pastel Multi Hues bracelet is the last one in stock! The organic man-made pearls measure 10mm and the bracelet end to end is 8". Finished with a platinum plated euro clasp, perfect for a delicate lady! Make it a set with our 10mm White Pearl Stud Earring or 10mm Slate Pearl Stud Earring.

$100.00 $50.00


White Pearl Stacked Pierced 18K Gold Plated Earrings - 6/8mm

sku # 20025PWV

6mm and 8mm white, organic man-made pearls stacked in an 18k gold plated, sterling silver pierced post. Dainty and cute! A perfect casual pair of pearl earrings! Need a clip-on? Check out the Pearl Stacked Clip on Earrings.

$60.00 $30.00


White Pearl Stacked Clip on Earrings - 6/8mm

sku # 20025CW

A classic clip-on pearl earring. Available in a platinum plated or 18K gold plated sterling silver. A dainty organic man-made 6mm pearl sits above an 8mm pearl. Dress it up or down! Make a classic set with our 24" White Pearl Strand!



Black & White Stacked Pearl Earrings

sku # 2002XPWBS

Organic man-made pearls double stacked for a classic pearl look. Pearls from Spain and silver from Italy! How romantic! Available in all white or black and white combo. Pair these with our Black and White Endless Strand Necklace to complete your look.

$37.50 - $40.00


White Stacked Pearl Clip Earrings - 10mm & 12mm

sku # 20028CWS

This pair of 10MM/12MM clip on Double Stack pearl earrings is a classic look for pearl lovers. Organic man-made pearls from Majorca Spain and top quality sterling silver from Italy makes this pair hard to resist! Try these on with our Double Layer CZ Pendant!

$95.00 $47.50


Black Pearl Hook Earring in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver - 12mm

sku # 20077LBS

Beautiful Tahitian black lever back organic man-made pearl earrings in platinum plated sterling silver. Last Chance to save 50%! Wear these with JOIA De Majorca's Signature Multi Hues Necklace.

$70.00 $35.00


Giant Circular Baroque Pearl Lever Back Earring - 16mm

sku # LeverCB16MM

Giant circular baroque earrings - not for the faint hearted! This beautiful pair of organic man-made pearl earrings is sure to make a statement. Bold is back! Stay up to date with the current trends. Available in white, black and grey. Make a beautiful set with our Signature Hues Circular Baroque Pearl Necklace!